Election Information

Voter Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadline - in person: 10/24/22

Registration Deadline - by mail: 10/24/22

Mail Registration Deadline Type: Received

Registration Deadline - online: 10/24/22

Ballot Request Deadlines

Ballot Request Deadline - Mail: 11/1/22

Ballot Request Deadline - Online, Fax, Email:

Ballot Return Deadlines

Ballot Return Deadline - Mail: 11/8/22

Ballot Return By Mail Deadline Type: Postmarked

Ballot Return Deadline - Online, Fax, Email:

General Election Information*Postmarked ballots must still be received by the 7th day after the election.

Poll Volunteer Information

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Poll Worker Additional Information

Poll Workers

Poll workers are paid election officials who staff local polling places to carry out assigned Election Day procedures. Their work begins before the election – as each worker is required to undergo training to carry out these tasks. Election workers are essential to the democratic process and ensure that the rights of each and every eligible voter are protected. There are approximately 1,980 polling places across the State of Alabama.

Serving as a poll worker is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the election process while contributing to your community.


  • Must be a registered voter in the State of Alabama.
  • Must be registered to vote in the county in which they desire to act as a poll worker.
  • Must attend a mandatory poll worker training. There are no exceptions to this requirement.
  • Cannot be a member of a candidate’s immediate family or the second degree of kinship, and cannot be a member of a candidate’s political committee.