Election Information

Voter Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadline - in person: 10/24/22

Registration Deadline - by mail: 10/24/22

Mail Registration Deadline Type: Postmarked

Registration Deadline - online: 10/24/22

Ballot Request Deadlines

Ballot Request Deadline - Mail: 11/1/22

Ballot Request Deadline - Online, Fax, Email: 11/1/22

Ballot Return Deadlines

Ballot Return Deadline - Mail: 11/8/22

Ballot Return By Mail Deadline Type: Postmarked

Ballot Return Deadline - Online, Fax, Email: 11/8/22

General Election Information*If you are starting the voter registration process after the registration deadline, please contact your local election office (https://www.fvap.gov/search-offices?state=5).

**Ballot Return: Ballots must be received by the 7th day after the election.

U.S. Senate Special Election: November 8, 2022

Registration By Mail: Postmarked by October 24, 2022 By Online or Fax: Received by October 24, 2022

Ballot Request Received by November 1, 2022

Ballot Return Return by Mail: Postmarked by November 8, 2022 Return by Fax: Received by 8 PM, November 8, 2022

Poll Volunteer Information

Poll Worker Info: Click Here

Poll Watcher Info: Click Here

Poll Worker Additional Information

Promote Democracy: Serve as a Poll Worker

Before each statewide election, thousands of Californians sign up to help put on the single most important event we hold in a democracy. County elections officials depend on reliable, dedicated teams of poll workers to make every Election Day run smoothly.

Who can be a poll worker?

To serve as a poll worker you must be:

What does a poll worker do?

  • Sets up and closes a polling place
  • Helps voters understand their rights
  • Protects ballots and voting equipment

Why be a poll worker?

  • Get involved and assist voters
  • Contribute to your community
  • Earn extra money (amount varies by county)

How do you apply?

Visit pollworker.sos.ca.gov to complete the poll worker application. It only takes 2-3 minutes!