Election Information

Voter Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadline - in person: 10/11/22

Registration Deadline - by mail: 10/11/22

Mail Registration Deadline Type: Postmarked

Registration Deadline - online: 10/11/22

Ballot Request Deadlines

Ballot Request Deadline - Mail: 10/29/22

Ballot Request Deadline - Online, Fax, Email: 11/8/22

Ballot Return Deadlines

Ballot Return Deadline - Mail: 11/8/22

Ballot Return By Mail Deadline Type: Received

Ballot Return Deadline - Online, Fax, Email: 11/8/22

General Election InformationBallot Returns

Outside the U.S.Return by Mail: Postmarked by November 8, 2022 Outside the U.S.Return by Fax: Received by November 8, 2022

*Ballot Return: Ballots must still be received by the 10th day after the election.

Poll Volunteer Information

Poll Worker Info: Click Here

Poll Watcher Info: Click Here

Poll Worker Additional Information

Poll Workers & Poll Watchers

Florida has 67 counties. Each county has a Supervisor of Elections. Each Supervisor conducts elections within his or her county. Some municipal clerks may conduct their own local elections when not held in conjunction with a county or statewide election.

Contact your county Supervisor about voter registration, voting, and elections.

County Supervisor of Elections Contact Information Lookup

How to Become a Poll Worker

Contact your county Supervisor of Elections about becoming a poll worker. A poll worker is required to attend at least 2 hours of training (at least 3 hours if holding a higher position) prior to each election that he or she is serving. A poll worker is paid. As a poll worker you must be a registered qualified elector of the county in which you are serving. You must also be able to read and write the English language. Bi-lingual speakers (especially those who speak Spanish) are encouraged to apply and serve.

Attention: For 2020 Federal Elections only, a recent executive order (EO 2020-149) provides additional incentives to Florida state employees to serve as poll workers on Election Day, including but not limited to, administrative leave for up to 10 hours for training preceding the election. Please reach out to your HR Department for details. Then contact your Supervisor of Elections in your county of residence for how to serve.