Election Information

Voter Registration Deadlines

Registration Deadline - in person: 10/24/22

Registration Deadline - by mail: 10/24/22

Mail Registration Deadline Type: Received

Registration Deadline - online: 10/24/22

Ballot Request Deadlines

Ballot Request Deadline - Mail: 11/7/22

Ballot Request Deadline - Online, Fax, Email: 11/7/22

Ballot Return Deadlines

Ballot Return Deadline - Mail: 11/7/22

Ballot Return By Mail Deadline Type: Postmarked

Ballot Return Deadline - Online, Fax, Email: 11/8/22

General Election InformationBallot Return:

Return by Mail: Postmarked by November 7, 2022 Return by Online or Fax: Received by 8 PM CT, November 8, 2022

*Ballot Return: Ballots must still be received by noon on the 6th day after the election

Poll Volunteer Information

Poll Worker Info: Click Here

Poll Watcher Info: Click Here

Poll Worker Additional Information

Helping voters vote, answering their questions, guiding them through the voting process and guarding the integrity of our elections is paramount in determining the will of the voters in selecting our leaders. The precinct election officials who are tasked with these duties are dedicated to our democracy and to making sure elections run smoothly.

Well-run elections are the key to our democracy, which binds the fabric of our society.